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You can download a full version of SourceCop for 7 days. Your code will be encrypted but will not be able to be distributed but all the features of SourceCop will be available for you to try and utilize.

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No Loaders Required

SourceCop does not require loaders or a runtime to be installed with PHP.

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Safeguard Your Code

Your code that you distribute needs to be protected. You want to be assured that your code is not copied or stolen. SourceCop will allow you to protect your code and make sure you're distributing your code to your customers and your customers only.

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  • I've used this program for 5+ years and its the only encryption product that works without having to install a runtime... inexpensive as well.

    Codango / Link /

  • The encrypted code works without any problems on any platform and all versions of PHP...

    Software Informer / Link /

  • SourceCop has very friendly interface. All you have to do is to select source folder that contains PHP files for encrypting and customize protection method.

    Podnova / Link /

Sourcecop 3.0 Features

  • Unique and very simple interface.
  • Encrypts your PHP code.
  • Restrict your script to run on a specified IP address.
  • Expire your script on a specified date.
  • Project based for easy management.
  • Original code backup option.
  • Click-click encryption.
  • No changes required on web server.
  • Runs on Unix, Linux, BSD and Windows Servers.
  • Encrypted code works on any platform and any version of PHP. 
  • Icon-click help.

System Requirements

Windows 7, Windows 10 PHP 5.x, PHP 7.x

What is SourceCop for PHP?

PHP developers have always been reluctant in distributing their developments. SourceCop for PHP is a Windows based application, developed to encrypt your PHP code so that you can distribute it, without any fear of being stolen.

What Does SourceCop Do?

SourceCop for PHP encrypts your PHP code using a special encryption method. This encryption makes it almost impossible for a human to understand. In addition, SourceCop can also restrict your code to run on a server with a specified IP address or expire on a specified date.

Does the SourceCop encrypted code need any changes on the server to run?

No, the SourceCop encrypted code does not require any changes on the server to run.

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